Thrifted Collection Coming Soon

The PR86 team has been thrifting non-stop for the last two years, and in that time we’ve picked up a lot of heat.

Vintage, retro, pop-culture and designer threads are taking up all of our studio space, and it’s time to share them with you guys.

PR86 now has a separate IG account where we’ll only post thrifted goods: @PR86_ThriftedGoods

If we’ve done our jobs right, you’ll find something you like very soon.

And don’t worry about paying a bunch extra just because we’re saving you the time and hassle of the hunt.  Our goal is only to dig these gems out from the dirt their buried in, not to charge you up.

We just want people to have cool stuff.

Edit: An earlier version of this article listed the IG account as @Peterrabbit_ThriftedGoods.  The IG handle has since been changed to @PR86_ThriftedGoods.

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